Add Portfolio Item

Navigate to the WordPress Backend.

Click on “Portfolios” on the left navigation bar.

Click on “Add New” at the top of the screen.

When finished with the tasks below, click the blue “Publish” button on the top right side of the screen.


There are a number of items which you need to enter for each portfolio item.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Choose Categories
  4. Essential Grid Logo
  5. Featured Image
  6. Project Details
  7. Project Media



The name of the portfolio item



The description will be listed on the single portfolio pages.

Choose Categories

On the right side of the page, choose the categories for this portfolio item.


  • Footer Assets – The portfolio items that appear in the “Featured Assets” portion of the footer.   NOTE – for best look, there should always be exactly 4 portfolio items with this category.
  • Featured Properties – The Portfolio items that appear in the Featured Properties Section on the main Home Page.
  • Sold – This will cause the Red “Sold” tape to appear on portfolio item thumbnails such as Enclave West
  • The remaining categories are self explanatory.   Choose the correct category for the property type.      This selection is essential for making sure the portfolio items are included on the Portfolio page and they are filtered correctly by the buttons at the top of the portfolio page.

NOTE:    If you do not choose any categories, the portfolio item will not appear anywhere on the site.


IMPORTANT NOTE:   If you are removing a portfolio item from the “Featured Properties” category OR the “Footer Assets” category, please follow these steps listed here.    If you are not trying to adjust the Featured Property grid or properties in the footer, then skip to “Essential Grid Logo” below.


If you have removed a property from the “Featured Property” category or the “Footer Assets” category, there is an extra step required to make the change active.


Click on “Ess. Grid” in the left navigation area.    A list of “Grids” will appear.      If you are trying to remove a property from the featured properties list, click on the green settings button next to “inline portfolio” as shown



If you are trying to remove a property from the assets shown in the footer, click on the green settings button shown here next to “footer-properties”




A window will appear and there will be some icons on the right side of the screen.    Simply click on the Green Save icon as shown below.      The property will now be removed from the grids as desired.




Essential Grid Logo

Prepare the portfolio item logo:

This theme uses “png” file formats for portfolio logos.     The logo size should be cropped to 800×228.    A white logo with a transparent background should be used.

Once the logo is ready, click on “Choose Image” underneath the “Essential Grid Custom Settings”

You will be linked to the Media Library.    Choose your logo file if it is already within the library otherwise click the “Upload Files” tab at the top left and upload your media file.   NOTE:   On the right side of the Media library you should choose meaningful names for Title and “Alt Text.”   Alt Text is what a screen reader will read to someone visually impaired to describe the image.   This is standard practice for all images in the Media library.



Featured Image

On the right side of the page near the bottom, choose “Set Featured Image”



This is main image that appears on the Portfolio Index Page for each property – ie see image below



The featured Image should be a jpg cropped to 1920 × 1440.    Medium to high quality is fine – file size should be around 500 kilobytes.


Project Details

In the Portfolio Options Section, enter the specifics about the Project:



Project Media

Under Portfolio Options Chose the Media Tab on the left.

Under Project Logo, choose Upload.    Select the exact same logo file used in Step 4.

Next, under “Add/Edit Gallery Images” – select as many images as you want to use for the Gallery.    The gallery shows up on the bottom of the individual portfolio pages.     You can rearrange and delete the current gallery by clicking on the add/Edit Gallery button and dragging the images into the order you want them to appear.

Ignore the Video buttons as they are not currently used in this theme.



Dont forget to click on the Blue “Publish” or “Update” button on the right side of the screen after adding or editing portfolio items.


Edit Portfolio Items

While logged in to the WordPress backend with administrator privileges, click on “Portfolios”

Click on any item and an editor screen will appear.    This screen is managed exactly as described above.    Make any changes to existing items.

When complete, click on the Blue “Update” button near the top right of the editor screen.

Delete Portfolio Items

While logged in to the WordPress backend with administrator privileges, click on “Portfolios”

Hover your mouse over a portfolio item without clicking on it.    You will see several options appear.

Click on “Trash” to delete the item.

Many times it is best to leave items in the trash, however, if you are certain you want to permanently remove the portfolio item, click on the “Trash” link near the top of the  Page.    Hover your mouse over items in the trash to choose to permanently delete or restore an item.