Crevo Capital acquires businesses with strong strategic viability that are at an inflection point, where the combination of capital, operational support, and additional resources serves as a value‐enhancing catalyst.


Execute Core / Non-core processes to target, invest, and profit from real estate related ventures.


Commercial and residential real estate related investments.


Typical project commitment size $10MM to $50MM with a targeted 2-3 year initial term


Our central focus is Southern Illinois with secondary investment targets elsewhere in the U.S.

Real Estate Focus

  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Communities
  • Student Housing
  • Apartments
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Residential Development
  • REIT Fund Investing
  • Commercial Development

Typical Situations

  • Value-add Transactions
  • Acquisitions or Refinances
  • Rehabs/Repositions
  • Vacant Buildings or Lease-ups
  • Non-stabilized Assets
  • Quick Closings
  • Stabilized Assets Requiring a Bridge Loan
  • Transitional Assets


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When was Crevo Capital founded?

Crevo Capital, formerly Enclave Capital Management, was founded on October 1st 2006.    The company was renamed to Crevo Capital on July 1st, 2015.

Where is Crevo Capital's headquarters?

Our main office is located in Edwardsville Illinois.   Please visit our contact page for more detailed information or to get a hold of us.

What is Crevo Capital's fiscal year?

The company’s fiscal year ends December 31st.

How many employees does Crevo Capital have?

Approximately 5 corporate employees and 30 operating employees.

Who are your business partners?

Because Crevo Capital is a private company, the identity and business specifics of our investment partners is confidential.

How can we partner with Crevo Capital?

Our company has very strict guidelines in choosing investment partners.    We only work with investors who meet specific minimum criteria which aligns with our investment strategies.   Please contact us to learn more about partnering with Crevo Capital.

How can I obtain further information or materials on Crevo Capital?

Please visit our contact page for contact information or to send us a message.